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        1. 24-hour enquiry Hotline:13961212563
          National Information Hotline:0519-83181959
          Product display

          Ten years of craftsmanship manufacturing casting model complete


          Order Hotline:0519-83181959
          Many brandsChoose our champion

          Thoroughly solved the gray iron casting, low temperature nodular cast iron products production problems

          Factory 2

          The company is equipped with advanced equipment, including 2 resin sand automatic production lines, 1 iron sand covering casting production line, 1 clay sand molding line, 2 10-ton electric furnaces, 1 2-ton electric furnaces, 4 1-ton electric furnaces, l


          Impact Tester

          Impact testing machine (English name: Impact testing machine) refers to the impact test force on the sample, impact test material testing machine. Impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing


          Electric Furnace

          Electric furnace is a heating furnace that converts the electric energy in the furnace into heat to heat the workpiece. Electric furnace can be divided into resistance furnace, induction furnace, arc furnace, plasma furnace, electron beam furnace, etc. Co


          Spectral Test Block Storage Area

          Spectrum block casting after cooling device, whose character is: the rapid cooling in the sink after block casting, using integrated cooling gas and liquid, with a set of control circuit and three groups of solenoid valve, two set of control cooling water


          Metalworking Workshop 2

          A workshop where metal is processed in various ways. Generally refers to metal cutting.


          Metallographic Analysis Microscope

          Type computer metallographic microscope or digital metallographic microscope is the optical microscope technology, photoelectric conversion technology, computer image processing technology together perfectly and developed into a high-tech product, you can

          Extended serviceIncreasing the value

          One stop solution for ductile iron casting

          Casting surface treatment

          Provide electroplating, blackening, sand and other surface processing services.

          Reheating of castings

          Provide casting modification service according to the change of ductile iron specifications.

          Field problem diagnosis

          The team provides on-site collaborative service of problem diagnosis for customers in the same city.

          Three guarantees were implemented nationwide

          If there is any defect or quality problem, it can be repaired, replaced or returned.

          Casting customization process

          • The casting samples
          • Drawing design
          • Casting a sample
          • 3 rounds of test before delivery
          • Installation of casting samples issued by construction
          • Batch production
          • The shipping delivery
          The company is highly praisedby the industry

          Good reputation comes from the dedication to casting quality


          Order Hotline:0519-83181959


          With the craftsmanship of the casting brand

          Changzhou Guanjun Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., LTD.

              Located in Xuejiaduan, Xinbei Development Zone, Changzhou Champion Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in foundry, R&D, production, sales and service. Founded in 2000, it mainly produces gray iron castings and low temperature ductile iron series products, including nodular iron castings brand QT350-20, QT400-18, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT800-2, gray iron castings brand HT200, HT250, HT300, etc., mainly for wind power, elevators, reducers, rail transit, large lathe parts, metallurgical equipment accessories. Set.